Donate a Tree

Because many of our supporters indicated that they were interested in making donations for plantings in Crawford Park, we created a Donate a Tree Program. Now donors have a selection of trees, shrubs, and benches all of which we hope, with your help, to place in beautiful Crawford Park this year.

Most of the plantings are on our list because they are native and indigenous to our area. They have qualities that reflect our horticultural heritage, are hardier, and many produce fruits for our birds.
Sunset Site, below the playing fields, is established as a native plant area with more plantings planned. The new walking path, put in last summer along our southern border invites new plantings to enhance the view for users of the path. Evergreens are planned to provide lush groupings and offer privacy for walkers and homeowners both. Expect to see pink Dogwood blooming this spring along the path east of the mansion.

We hope you share our enthusiasm and will want to help us get our projects on the way. Below is a list of plant species.

DOGWOOD A spring blooming Native with large white or pink flowers. A tree of forest edges, they will enhance our path. Fall fruit feeds birds. Have been cultivated since 1731. Price: $145-$275

EASTERN REDBUD In early spring branches are covered in magenta blossoms on this small tree, later developing into heart-shaped leaves. Price: $275-$525

OAK For those of us thinking ahead toward the seventh generation the Oak is our choice. White Oaks especially are known for their longevity. It is said the wood of the Pin oak was used to make the puppet Pin-oak-io. Price: $385-$500

YOSHINO CHERRIES line west end of Crawford Drive. They have long been cultivated in Japan and many are seen in Washington, DC. We’d like to add to our glorious spring “parade”. Price: $360- $660

AMERICAN BASSWOOD [LINDEN] A native that is an enduring stately shade tree with heart-shaped leaves and fruit for birds. One exists in the park that may predate all of us. Price: $385

MAPLE One of our finest ornamentals, there are many varieties- Red, Japanese, Paperbark, Silver to name a few- all with beautiful fall color. Price: $220- $1320

EVERGREENS Norwegian Spruce, Cedar and White Pine give Crawford Park its dominant character along the drive. They offer grandeur and history. In winter their beauty is especially appreciated surrounded by snow. Price: $190-$1045

MAGNOLIA When Saucer magnolias are in bloom the effect is one of pink/lavender clouds. The white blooms of the Star magnolias are fragrant as well as beautiful. Price: $245-$450

SERVICEBERRY A understudy tree for along our path, this small native lights up early spring woods and provides berries for birds. It was commonly used by Native Americans and Colonists to flavor their food. Price: $375- $595

RIVER BIRCH A beautiful birch that loves wet soil-sure to find a happy home in our park. The outer bark peels exposing is a reddish inside. Price: $335-$680

WILLOW Loves to get its feet wet. Its long sweeping boughs blow gracefully in the wind. Price: $350-$500

BENCHES Last but not least, we would like to place benches in special spots around the park for you to relax and prolong your visit to lovely Crawford Park. Benches as well as trees can have plaques with names attached. Price: $1800

For further information you may call Laura Klein at