On February 11, 2021 we lost our dear friend, George Hogben. George lived in the carriage house in park for about 10 years and during that time he became an invaluable member of our organization. He came to our meetings, helped us get donations and would always make himself available to help in whatever way we needed. He was the best. And now he is gone. 

His passing has left a collective hole in our hearts, and we are attempting to fill the hole by building a beautiful, native woodland garden that will become a living legacy to him as well as a beneficial habitat for local wildlife.

Garden plans include a 4' wide cedar chip path, that leads to bench in the center of the garden. When visitors sit on the bench they will see a steel cut out of a dog, which is a nod to George's passion for rescuing elderly dogs. Plus we will add hundreds native perennials and several shrubs and trees to fill this quite large area to create a serene space to sit and enjoy nature. 

If you are interested in donating to George's Garden, you can do so by clicking here

We want to break ground in the first week of June 2021 and can use all the volunteer help we can get to make this possible. If you want to help plant the garden email us and keep that first weekend in June open for now. 

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To read George's full obituary, click here.