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The wildflower meadow that is located in the middle of the park has been a project of the Friends of Crawford Park for many years. At one time, we were able to create this beautiful meadow, shown below. But a few years ago, this horribly invasive weed called mugwort covered so much real estate in the meadow that we decided to try to kill it through a process called solarizing - we covered it with black tarp for close to a year to smother the weed out.  This spring we wanted to return this area to its full glory and COVID-19 happened. 

Everything was delayed, and we didn't uncover and reseed the soil until June. And June was very hot and very dry and there was no water in that area of the park. 

The Town of Rye has since installed a spigot in the area, but I fear that the water source was also added too late, and now the field is again covered with weeds. So, this fall the we are going to try again.  

Who knew wildflower meadows could be so hard to build. But the Friends are determined. This is area is going to be beautiful again, promise!

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