The wildflower meadow that is located in the middle of the park has been covered by black plastic tarp most of 2019. This is because our beautiful meadow was overrun with mugwort, a nasty invasive species that is very hard to get rid of. If we pulled it out by hand, chances are that we would promote growth by leaving residual rhizomes on the ground. Mowing and whacking it down doesn't work either and applying chemicals is simply out of the question. So we decided to cover it with black plastic tarps and hopefully smother it out.


In the spring, we will add more soil and more seeds and let the wildflower meadow return to its full glory. 


The Friends of Crawford Park is an all-volunteer, 501(C)(3) organization whose purpose is to continually enhance and maintain this jewel of the community.

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Photo Credit: Diana Lee Angstadt


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