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Consider Giving a Gift to the Park This Season

Dear Friends:

2020 has been a year like no-other and like so many other non-profits, The Friends of Crawford Park adapted to our new reality and, meeting virtually, we continued with our work to beautify the park and make it a treasured space for all its visitors. With your generosity, we were able to make many enhancements this year:

  • Although our community planting day was cancelled, we were able to use funds to buy and have planted hundreds of flowering annuals in the Sunken Garden, Morabito garden and mansion beds.

  • We installed the new planting area and bought 3 new dogwood trees for the parking lot area

  • 3 new benches were installed

  • The wildflower meadow was revitalized

  • Over 600 bulbs were planted this fall all around the park

  • Containers at the exit to the park were planted and maintained

  • We installed a new fountain feature in the center of the Sunken Garden

The park has been a refuge for so many of us during these social distancing times and the community usage has never been higher. Our plan is to continue to enhance the park and support it as a community destination for nature, tranquility and recreation.

We promised you a new path as part of our Pave the Way campaign and it is still our top priority for 2021. The path renovation is costly, and we are partnering with the Town of Rye to secure funds to fulfill this goal, but it will also require donations from our park-goers and patrons to reach our goal. And so, we are sending you this appeal to help us create a safe and smooth walking path in 2021. Please contribute whatever amount you can to help us turn our Pave the Way goal into a reality.

We hope to be back in 2021 with our annual Rock Lobster gala, but until then, we’ll see you in the park!

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