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Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Crawford Park is a Winter Wonderland

Hello all -

Just a quick word of gratitude to all of you who donated to our end of the year appeal this year. And a huge thanks to Park Director, Vic Federico and his staff at the park for transforming the mansion into a winter wonderland.

The Town of Rye has really improved the park this year and I don't think they have been given as much credit as they deserve. So while this crazy year comes to a close, I wanted to take the time let the community know how much the Town is doing to make Crawford Park a safe and wonderful place to be.

The park staff has quickly adapted to an ever-changing landscape during this pandemic. From shutting down the playground as mandated by the state, to safely opening it back up when they were told they can do so.

They hired bathroom attendants who disinfected them several times a day and handed our free face masks to those who needed them. (Note: The bathrooms are currently closed for the season.) And the Town organized and scheduled several safe outdoor activities for the community. They helped the Town of Rye sustainability committee organize a vine clearing day and through a grant they received, they were able to hire additional hands to help clear out the invasive vines throughout the park. The Friends of Crawford are now looking at these newly recovered spaces and planning on what we can plant there next year.

As a volunteer who has helped beautify the park for 16 years, I am so impressed with the amount of progress the park staff has made this year. I notice how quickly things get addressed now. New arbors are installed, debris gets picked up daily, trees and bushes are cut back from the path and much more.

Having a well-maintained park, makes our mission of beautification so much easier. The Friends of Crawford Park are planning and planting next year and if you want to help us out please email me at and I'll send you information on our January zoom meeting, scheduled for Jan. 14th @ 7:30pm.

Or if you still want to make an end of the year donate - see the "Donate" button at the top of this page.

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