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Become a Friend

Interested in becoming involved? We are a diverse, welcoming and caring community with a common bond: 


To preserve and beautify this 36-acre green space.


-whether your passion is the environment or your talent is organizing 

-whether you’re a student, graduate, home maker, working or retired

-whether single, newlywed, a parent, empty nester or grandparent

-whether from home, in the park and/or out in the community

-whether a few hours on occasion or for a period of time 


We welcome those from all backgrounds and phases of life to the Friend of Crawford Park.

See and hear from some of those who’ve become involved!

Volunteer Spotlight 

Alison Lazarus

Having moved with her family to Rye Brook from Harrison over five years ago, Alison Lazarus had not previously heard of Crawford Park but was surprised and delighted to discover its wonders.

Alison first became acquainted with Crawford Park when she’d go on walks in the park, taking in nature while getting fresh air and exercise. While taking one of those walks, Alison noticed a sign referring to the Friends of Crawford Park. Curious, she emailed "the Friends" and found herself invited to one of their meetings, the first of what would become many for her!

With a love of gardening, Alison knew she had found the right place to pursue her passion.  At the time she joined the Friends, Alison had not known very many people in the neighborhood. In the Friends she found a welcoming community - a diverse group of individuals with ideas and enthusiasm joined together by their love for Crawford Park

“There was a nice vibe” said Alison looking back at her first Friends of Crawford Park meeting.  With so many opportunities to become involved, Alison found herself helping plan and attend an array of events including annual Planting Day, Music at the Mansion and Rock Lobster Fest. 

Whether helping decorate the park for the holidays or writing a newsletter article on mushrooms, Alison’s input and ideas come to life! Working a full-time job with long hours, Alison finds that being part of the Friends offers one flexibility to be involved as little or as much as you wish. “It is not so time consuming that you can’t fit it in.”

Alison still enjoys her solitary time in the park, a peaceful way to be alone with nature.  The Friends however provides a way to spread that feeling to others. “It’s a way of giving back.” Working from home during the pandemic has only strengthened Alison's connection to the park, having allowed her to experience the true progression of the seasons up close

Her favorite part of Crawford Park? The “secret path” -- the spur that runs along the wall between Rye Hills lower entrance to the Morabito garden with the sights and smells of blooming foliage

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